Friday, March 12, 2010

Marilyn's Birthday Pool Party

Our Thursday lunch group, the Bruhos, celebrated Marilyn's birthday in her back yard. The invitation read, Come to a birthday pool party. Bring your bathing suits, towels, and pool toys.

When we got there, the pool turned out to be an oversized inflatable wading pool. Avram, Marilyn's husband, had blown it up for us. It may have been small, but it was just the right size for getting wet and playing.

It was a cool and cloudy day, so most of the dozen women didn't want to brave the water. But Lisa, Corinne, Bethea and I dove in. Well, stepped in is more like it.

Lisa led us in water aerobics - she takes a class, while I couldn't help myself with the little yellow rubber ducky that was floating in the pool. I filled it with water and got great joy out of spritzing Lisa, Corinne and Bethea.

The birthday cake was an orange cake from Robin's. Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Bathing Beauties: Lisa, me and Corinne

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Academy Awards Party

It dawned on me the same time it dawned on Patty - I should have an Academy Awards party at my house!

I have been seeing a lot of movies lately. Joining me are Patty, Lisa and Corinne, and sometimes Marilyn, plus Bethea makes noises that she wants to come with us, but she hasn't made it so far. So we all had opinions about which movies and actors should win Oscars.

Most parties here are potluck, so I made chili and provided some wine and beer. Patty brought olive tapenade on bagel chips, Sharon made melted cheese on yummy bread, Barb and Rich made corn bread muffins with bacon, and Bethea brought three desserts: chocolate candy with candy cane pieces on top, banana bread and M&M brownies. We ate so much we about burst.

I handed out ballots that I had printed from the Internet, so we could keep track of which of our favorites won.

It was great fun watching the show, eating, and talking. What a surprise that The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar for best movie! We were all glad that Kathryn Bigelow won the best director award.

Patty and Sharon

Party Weekend

Frank and me

Costa Rica is such a party place. Last weekend I went to two and had one of my own.

Friday night was Frank's birthday party. My friend and former student turned 45, and invited many people to his home/beauty salon to help him celebrate. For the occasion, I made peppery cheese sticks using puff pastry for the first time. They were yummy!

I spent the evening talking with a Belgian, Peter, who has lived in Marbella, Spain, for the last 25 years. He was staying at the Cariari B&B, and the owner, Laurie, who is Frank's best friend, brought him. Since I am going to Spain in May, I was very interested in learning what Peter had to say about Spain.

On the way home from the party, about 10:50pm, there was an earthquake - not a bad one, just about 4.4, but it was felt throughout the Central Valley. What I felt in my car was just a little something, like a bump. I saw a van in my rear view mirror and thought it had just barely kissed my bumper. It wasn't until the next morning when I read about the earthquake that I realized what had happened.

Then on Saturday Diane had a going away party for her Yvonne. I had met Yvonne at Diane's last party, so that was reason enough for me to go.

Someone had brought a red wig and people were taking turns posing with it on. It was the source of great amusement and laughter.

Also at the party, I saw Shell for the first time since I won our SuperBowl bet.

After Diane's party, I put on my dancing shoes for the first time since I broke my little right toe four weeks earlier and headed over to Coyunda's. It felt good to dance again, although the toe still hurt.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jane's Baby Boy Shower

Jane and Aideen

Jane is going to have her second baby - a boy! Jane is the youngest member of our Thursday lunch group, the Bruhos. We threw her a baby shower at Corinne's.

Of course, this eating group starting with mouth-watering appetizers (including one containing smoked anchovies brought in from Scotland). For lunch, we had salmon, rice with vegetables, and salad. And dessert was spectacular with Naughty Nuggets and a chocolate cake with cherries.

Lisa, me and Laura

George, what Lisa calls the soon-to-be-born baby, received many adorable presents, including clothes, booties, stuffed animals, baby books and book ends.

Karina, Jane and a stuffed animal

Then we adjourned to the living room where we played baby-related games. First we had to guess Jane's girth by cutting ribbon that would fit around her and her belly. Karina won that one. Karina won the next one too - matching celebrities to their children's names. Then we had to identify celebrities by their baby pictures, and finally we had to unscramble baby-related words. Marilyn got the most right. A big thank you to Laura for coming up with the games!

Lisa holding up a scrambled word