Friday, October 12, 2012

St Pete 28

Oct 11 - 12, 2012

Oct 11
I turned the car in early, so I hung around the house.  Nigel, the guy who wants to have extensive dental work done in Costa Rica, came over to pick my brain again.  This was the second time, and there's nothing left to pick now.  We sat by the pool enjoying the lovely day.

Oct 12
Friday - I rented another car for the weekend.  I love the weekend specials: $9.99/day plus tax.  I headed down to Sarasota for a lovely sail in Sarasota Bay with Ron on his 32' Island Packet.  He put it on autopilot going away from Marina Jack's (where he docks his boat) for a controlled sail at under 3 knots.  Then coming back with the easterly wind, we got up to 8 knots.  Woohoo!  We were moving.

Captain Ron

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