Monday, October 1, 2012

St Pete 20

Oct 1, 2012
It's October already?!  The weather is nice here.  I think it was in the low- to mid-80s today.  It's still humid, but I think I'm getting used to it.

The left lens in my new sunglasses and clear glasses is too weak.  The glasses were made correctly, but the prescription from my opthalmologist at CIMA was either incorrect, or my sight in that eye has worsened since my May appointment.  So I brought the glasses back to Visionworks, paid for another eye exam, got a new script, and Visionworks is going to replace the left lenses free of charge.  That is nice of them.

I just drove around with the car, stopping to buy vegetables and taking advantage of a nice day to be outdoors.  Then I came back to the condo and started cleaning it.  I have not cleaned a bathroom in over seven years.  I've had a maid do it.  There are a lot of different cleaning supplies in the condo, but I didn't know what to use for what.

Tomorrow my friend, Bob, arrives.  He's my go-to guy in Grecia for whatever ails my house or car.  He's very knowledgeable and a fun person to hang out with.  He's going to stay here for two weeks while I show him around St Pete (thus my push to clean the place).  The dining room table has been covered with the jigsaw puzzle I've been doing; I had to finish it today so we'd both have someplace to eat.  The sign in the middle says, "A bad day on vacation still beats a good day at work."

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